Contracts and Agreements


THE CORE GROUP has extensive experience of drafting and reviewing Contracts & Agreements for over 5 years. We have the resume of working for clients from US, UK, France, Australia & India. Our clientscover entire spectrum of industries from Software services to environmental projects. We do have the knowledge of writing Contracts encompassing every mutual issue agreed for the project.

Give us your brief and we will provide your required Contracts & Agreements. For us contracts and agreements are not just mere formalities but tools to protect the interest of our clients under any circumstances.

As a result most of our clients are either repeat clients or referrals.

Some of the agreements drafted and reviewed by our team are –

  •  Employment Contract
  •  Car rental Contract
  •  Independent Contractor Agreement
  •  Master Service Agreement
  •  Videographer Agreement
  •  NDA
  •  Partnership Agreement
  •  Sale Deed
  •  Rent/Lease Agreement
  •  Power of Attorney
  •  Overage Agreement
  •  Claw-back Agreement
  •  Joint venture Agreement
  •  Share purchase Agreement
  •  Brand ambassador Agreement
  •  Agreements related to financial service business such as loan Agreements, pledge and escrow agreement, share option/purchase agreement, subscription agreement, finders agreement, agency agreement, etc.
  • Agreement for Deputation Services